Over the years, DDA Systems – or Jonathan directly, through employment – has been fortunate to work with many companies on diverse projects. This page has a selection of the kind words received over the years.

‘Having worked with Jonathan & DDA Systems many times over the last few years, I’ve always found him to be extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and professional. As a friend he has saved my bacon on more than one occasion, giving excellent technical assistance whenever called upon. In areas such networking and security he’s my first line of support – there have been times when I simply could not have done without him. When things hit the fan he’s /that/ guy you’re glad to have in your contact list. And an all-round nice guy to boot.’
Owain Cleaver, Director, The Net Laureate.

‘I’ve worked with Jonathan for over 10 years at Daryl Willcox Publishing, regularly using systems which he has developed or supports. I appreciate his serious commitment to his work, colleagues and customers; his patience for the non-technical among us; and his calm and practical approach to investigating and fixing problems. When we’re developing new products or improving existing systems he is always honest about what can be achieved but at the same time looks for fresh ways to make things quicker and easier for people like me who use them.’
Vanessa McGreevy, Media Liaison, Daryl Willcox Publishing.

‘Jonathan has an excellent technical knowledge and an innate problem solving ability which enabled blue barracuda to rollout new systems for production in a short time span and to deadline.’
Phil Dempsey, Technical Director, Blue Barracuda.

‘Jon has continued to impress with his knowledge of development and technical subjects as well as his razor sharp mind. He’s a very competent worker who will produce solutions quickly and effectively when possible’
Adam Palmer, Development Team Manager, Daryl Willcox Publishing.

‘Efficient and technically knowledgeable, he’s an excellent problem solver and works well under pressure.’
George Kaz, MoneyAM Ltd.

‘Highly motivated, energetic and innovative professional. He is extremely dedicated and brings to bear his highly versatile style and technique in managing multiple projects and tricky project diversions with inspiring agility.’
Simon Davies, Senior Software Engineer, IST Ltd.

‘Open, honest, demanding and direct. I enjoyed being able to share my knowledge with Jonathan and in the process receive his too. He has a very enquiring and critical mind.’
Rob Johnson, ISP Team Leader, DXI Networks.

‘His knowledge base is broad as well as deep and he has a great ability to recall specifics immediately. His ability to identify requirements (and risk) and design, maintain, review and upgrade suitable systems is unparalleled in my experience.’
Geoff Drummond, MoneyAM Ltd.

‘With a great sense of humour, he approaches problems both logically and with an innovative flare. You know if there’s a problem, he won’t let go until it’s fixed. His encyclopaedic technical knowledge is impressive, and his skills are much more far ranging than ever he’ll ever admit to.’
Andy Lovell, Director of Engineering, IST Ltd.

‘At every juncture, I found him to be a helpful, informative, and gracious co-worker. His work ethic and consistent ability to deliver on projects and assignments is inspiring and his technical aptitude and drive is quite amazing.’
Rachel Binnington, Project Manager, RGM Advisors LLC.

‘Extremely diligent and always on top of every operational issue. He always makes sure things get done and that everything runs smoothly the way they’re supposed to.’
Ismael Arenzana, Software Administrator Consultant, Rithmic LLC.